We survey assets for clients from a range of sectors.

Our survey services are applicable to various assets, both on and offshore.

Ports and Harbours

For our port and harbour clients, our work is focused mainly on routine monitoring, damage inspection, and as-built surveying. Our offering is flexible and responsive, and we are comfortable working with various deployment techniques to reduce cost, for example, utilising dock-side cranes to deploy the required systems.

Inland Waterways

We perform surveys of canals and other inland waterways to provide current information on debris and other hazards in the water column, structural integrity, scour around structures, and volume calculations for dredging, flood risk mapping, as well as positioning of marine structures such as bridges.


Combining both marine and land-based survey techniques, we can offer complete monitoring and inspection solutions both above and below the waterline. Our vessels and equipment are ideally suited to working in shallow water environments, and our flexible and responsive service can react to provide current information following emergency events.

Offshore Renewables

Our team provides underwater and overwater survey services of offshore wind farm assets. Using the UAV, we can image the WTG structure and blades, and with acoustic or visual inspection we are able to provide accurate information on the subsea assets.

Cables and Pipelines

We survey and inspect both cables and pipelines both overwater and underwater. Whether they are buried or surface laid, our team are experienced in tracking cables and pipelines using various sensors.