Our core geophysical activities include the acquisition of side scan sonar, shallow seismic and magnetometer data.

At SEP Hydrographic, our proficiency in a wide range of geophysical techniques sets us apart in delivering high quality results.

We use the latest technology and advanced equipment to high quality geophysical data to support project aims. Our experienced team of geophysicists and surveyors ensure accurate and precise acquisition of data, which is then processed and analysed to provide valuable insights.

We understand that a well executed geophysical survey can greatly reduce risk and increase efficiency in project planning, development and operations. That's why we work closely with our clients to tailor our services to meet their specific needs and objectives.

At SEP Hydrographic, we take pride in our expertise in geophysical surveying and our commitment to deliver high-quality results. Our geophysical services encompass a wide range of surveying methods, each tailored to the specific application and project at hand. Whether it's locating buried cables or mitigating UXO risks, our team of highly skilled professionals ensures that our clients remain have the best quality data to inform their decision making processes.

Side Scan Sonar Surveys

We utilise side scan sonars to discern discrete features such as localised pipeline damage, unexploded ordnance, cable exposure, boulders and submerged wreckage.

The versatility of side-scan sonar surveys is noteworthy, providing detailed imagery for various applications. These applications span from habitat mapping and unexploded ordnance detection, to offshore wind and rig site surveying.

We use the latest high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency systems, equipped with chirp and multi-pulse capabilities. These modern systems are capable of imaging even the smallest of targets, ensuring comprehensive coverage and superior detail in all survey data. Whether it's identifying minute biogenic reef structures or localising pipeline damage, our advanced technology guarantees precision and accuracy.

Sub-Bottom Profiler Surveys

Sub-bottom profiler data plays an instrumental role in our understanding of the underlying geology, paving the way for safe and effective planning.

At SEP Hydrographic, we offer an array of single-channel profiling solutions to cater to diverse geological needs. Our high-frequency systems are proficient at identifying buried objects and discerning subtle alterations in subsurface conditions. Alongside these, we also work with lower frequency systems such as boomers and sparkers, which provide us with the capability to penetrate deeper into the geological layers.

Our experienced team of professionals uses the latest software and hardware to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate sub-bottom profiling data. We have a proven track record in delivering high-quality results for projects ranging from small-scale pipeline surveys to large-scale complex campaigns.

Magnetometer Surveys

Magnetometer surveys are an essential tool for underwater detection and mapping of ferrous objects. These surveys utilise the Earth's magnetic field to identify changes in the local magnetic intensity caused by different types of submerged structures or UXO.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in conducting marine magnetometer surveys for various applications such as geological mapping and UXO risk mitigation.

Land Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys are not only limited to marine environments, but they also play a crucial role in land-based projects. The team at SEP Geophysical employ a range of geophysical techniques and methods to deliver high-quality results. Fearuring the latest technology and advanced survey equipment, SEP Geophysical performs land surveys with unmatched precision and efficiency.

They offer a wide range of land geophysical survey services, including electrical resistivity tomography, vertical electrical sounding, electromagnetic (EM) surveys, P & S wave seismic refraction, thermal resistivity testing and ground penetrating radar (GPR). These geophysical solutions can provide valuable information on subsurface conditions and identify potential hazards or obstacles that may impact construction, for example, buried utilities, fractures, underground storage tanks, and buried features.

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A Combined Approach

At SEP, we are fully equipped to deliver combined land and marine geophysical surveys seamlessly. Our integrated approach allows us to provide comprehensive insights about the subsurface conditions, both onshore and offshore, thus supporting our clients in making informed decisions.

Leveraging the versatility of our experienced team and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure a smooth transition between the marine and land environments, maintaining the consistency and quality of data throughout. This holistic approach presents our clients with a complete overview of their project terrain, minimising potential risks and reducing the need for multiple contractors. Our commitment is to provide thorough, accurate and cohesive geophysical surveys, irrespective of the environment.

As the growing demand for detailed subsurface information continues to rise, we are dedicated to providing the most effective geophysical solutions. Our survey vessels are equipped with the latest survey equipment, enabling us to collect high-resolution data even in challenging environments.

Geophysical Data Processing

Quality data is at the heart of our geophysical survey services. Our team has the expertise to process and interpret complex geophysical survey data, delivering the most effective solutions for any marine construction project. We utilise industry leading processing software such as Oasis Montaj, QPS Qimera and Sonarwiz, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

To explore the full range of our geophysical services and how we can support your project, please Contact Us.