Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs)

USV platforms provide an additional survey option to enhance acquisition productivity, or for locations where traditional vessel-based surveys are either unsafe or cost-prohibitive

USVs offer a range of advantages, including increased safety due to automated navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities, longer operating times and reduced fuel costs.

SEP Hydrographic has experience in using USVs for a range of hydrographic and geophysical surveys.

USV surveys
USV surveying
USV hydrographic surveys
USV geophysical surveys

We offer a range of USV options, from small and nimble survey vessels to larger autonomous craft.

USVs are equipped with the latest survey sensors and payloads, allowing for accurate mapping even in shallow water or difficult-to-reach environments.

Using the latest in remote sensing technology, UAV and USV platforms enable us to gather data efficiently and accurately. We are able to provide services for a wide range of applications, from environmental monitoring and mapping to underwater asset inspections.

Through the combination of traditional and emerging technologies, we are able to deliver comprehensive survey solutions that meet the exact requirements of our clients.

SEP Hydrographic is committed to providing market-leading services in all areas of geoscience and marine survey. With state-of-the-art USV platforms, we are able to provide high-quality data acquisition services to meet the needs of our clients.